Friday, August 7, 2009

My Friend Is Jealous Of My Engagement


We dare to go deeper with the author in one of the most fascinating blogs : LOVELY OF DEMONS. (4 questions and a confession).

LOVELY OF DEMONS , an impressive stage name, can you explain what they mean to you?

We each have our demons, right?
For once, a friend was commenting on that, and I said I glad I have my demons, to which she replied, because then you are a lovely demons, this was how the name.
And that's what I try, further delighting my demons.

reflections on his blog precious feelings are very close, careful and delicate aesthetic scenery. How does an inspiration so full of feelings that makes us dream of love without limits?

am a person who feels, and when I feel, is that I deeply, both good and bad. I am visceral in nature, with the years I have learned to control, but it is sometimes impossible, especially when you love. To this we join
I like writing, not more, without seeking anything. Let it flow what you feel and you engage in these moments, allowing your fingers to become an extension of your thoughts, your desires, your experiences, your dreams ... everything that you are a human being who is vivo. I love
Beauty, of whatever nature (a landscape, a woman, a man, a picture) I love to admire the beauty. Anything that makes me feel that caress the soul, my body, my spirit. And all that I try to capture in my blog.

We moved to an unusual erotic poetry to posts that make us really think about private sensations transmitted to us, what do you get inspired to achieve this goal in the reader?

There are many experiences in them, mixed with fantasy. Everything I am saying sorry, perhaps it comes to the person who reads it.
They leave bits of my soul, be it sadness, joy, love, despair ... everything in this moment I feel.
I like to feel and sex is no different. I surrender to the person I am, feeling it fill up while passing it with all my body, my eyes, my gestures, my breath, there are no limits. That would also reflected
not do otherwise.

What shameful confession would dare to tell us how lovely demons.

If you confess, would not be shameful, right? jajajaja
What I can say is that over the years I've become a wiser woman and I have learned to know and meet people.
Human nature sometimes strives to complicate things, when everything is easier. We should learn to live day by day, respected and respectable, accepting our weakness and misery of others. We are not perfect, of Me!

Want to add something else?

Yes, I would say something, which I think is very important in these times.
Beauty is not measured, either in cm or kg. The beauty can be found at a glance in a gesture, a caress. Goes beyond the physical. We stand a little more open and our minds, allowing our senses to enjoy the simple things, that after all are the most enjoyable.

Thank you so much for being so lovely despite being a demon.


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